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10/31/21 - 11/16/21
RMSRO 2021-2022 Clinics
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About evolved from the Rocky Mountain Masters Online Registration system. The RMM system was developed over a number of years by Doug Briggs and the staff of RMM. The software started as a volunteer effort and developed into a professional arrangement between RMM and R. Douglas Briggs, Inc. It was initially designed to integrate with the RMM 'race pc'; a laptop computer that manages race entries, results and division rankings and evolved into a complete, independent system performing bookkeeping, reporting, membership and registration functions.

Doug Briggs and RMM realized that the rest of the US Ski and Snowboard Masters Divisions could benefit from a centralized, online registration and membership system. RMM provided the software in exchange for small payments during the first three years of the use of reworked and enhanced program.