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2022 Nat DH Camp Video
NEMS and MAM new online registration site

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If you are planning to join, renew your membership or race in New England Masters - The Sise Cup or Mid-Atlantic Masters, please click here for information about their new online registration system.

In order to register for races in race series other than MAM or NEMS, you will still need to renew your account on or join There is no cost to do this.

Creating an online account at is quick, easy and safe.

Existing Online Members: Please use your existing account and renew your online account. If you don't recall your login credentials you may click here to go to the Log In Help page to claim your account.

New members should select your Home Race Series from the list below. Your home Race Series is the one that you consider you primary Race Series. You may register for races in other Race Series using the account you create for your Home Race Series.

You should only choose as your Home Race Series if your home Race Series is not participating in


An online account with your Race Series on is in addition to signing up or renewing your US Ski and Snowboard Membership.

Paying your US Ski and Snowboard license is independent of having an online account with This site is in no way affliated with US Ski and Snowboard.

Some Race Series may charge a Series Membership Fee during the sign up process, some make it optional, some don't have a Series Membership Fee at all. Those that are working with, do require you to have an active account at in order to sign up for races online.

Home Race Series:

Please select your home race series from the list then click Continue.

Your home race series is the race series you choose when you apply for your US Ski and Snowboard membership.