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2022 Nat DH Camp Video
NEMS and MAM new online registration site

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The webmaster, Doug Briggs, is also the owner of the parent company, R. Douglas Briggs, Inc., which developed and operates

The webmaster can help you with problems you encounter utilizing the site such as logging in, entering data or browser rendering issues. You will find many answers to questions in our FAQ. cannot refund charges without first contacting the event organizer.

Please contact the organizers of an event with any issues regarding charges, registrations or your membership information. They can help you with their policies, explain charges and fees.

Are you having problems loggging in? If so, please try this link: Login Help

I am not always available to answer your queries. Check with the race administrators of the race series you are a member of for login in assistance if I don't reply in time.

If you need to register for a race and can't get access to your account or create an account and TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, contact the race administrators for the races you need to register for. Each race series can be contacted here by selecting the appropriate Race Series from the drop down list that is on the page.

If I were clairvoyant, I'd have won the lottery and wouldn't be developing web sites ;o), so please include as much information about your problem as possible. Tell me the steps you took to arrive at the problem such as what pages you visited before the problem occured, what you typed in or clicked on in the page, etc.

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I can't log in is a start, but what telling me what happens when you try to log in will probably result in a solution to the problem on my first reply.

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